Datec Internet Service Provider Network becomes NGN

Datec-ISP was the very first Internet Service Provider in PNG. Designed and built twenty years ago the network has been continuously updated and modernised over time to provide standard, ubiquitous Internet connectivity.

In 2009 planning began for a revolutionary upgrade to the Datec-ISP network. As designs and project planning matured it was decided a complete new build from scratch was required and a multi-million-kina program began in 2010. By early 2011 the first customers were connecting to this network and experiencing user productivity increases beyond expectation.

This new network is called the Datec Next Generation Network (Datec-NGN).

Customers on Datec-NGN routinely obtain 20Mbps++ Internet speeds and comment that the usage sensation is unlike anything they have enjoyed anywhere on earth. Through 2012 upgrades continue to latest generation technologies, operational support, customer care and commercial engagement systems. The slow migration from old to new networks continues.

Datec Next Generation MPLS Networking

The Datec-NGN is completely different from the traditional “Internet” only networks most are familiar with.

Datec-NGN supports differentiated class of service traffic, differentiated quality of service and segmented client security across the common core using latest generation MPLS (Multi Packet Label System) packet forwarding mechanisms, Virtual Private Lan Service (VPLS) offerings and Ethernet-over-IP for plain pseudo-wire services.

MPLS can be explained as pipes within pipes. Each pipe has its own SLA, can be individually monitored and controlled end to end.