For essential connectivity needs Datec-NGN has the “RRR” Network Guarantee option. Choose a “RRR” access network connectivity option for reliability, resiliency, redundancy or in other words “peace of mind”.

Datec-NGN “RRR” connections combine intelligent network design with multi-homed access network connections, advanced route selection technologies and remote management, monitoring and alert rules.

Alerts, Management and Reporting

For all “RRR” Guarantee services a mix of management, monitoring, alert and traffic profiling services are layered onto the resilient and redundant physical design. All ‘RRR’ connections are monitored 24x7x365 for complete traffic outage reporting. Outage alerts are by monitor, email and SMS to the Datec-NGN network operations centre. For customers who nominate for 24x7x365 support in the event of outage lasting 5 minutes or more a management incident is created and the customer is informed by email alert and telephone call during peak commercial hours (8am till 5pm). In the event of traffic profile changes (dramatic changes in typical traffic profiles) alerts can be created for human investigation. This is helpful for SPAM/Virus/Security breaches that may unknowingly impact performance.

In addition to the ‘RRR’ back office functions and services performed by Datec-NGN network operations staff a full client portal is open to customers to view, report and analyse traffic across Internet access links or Metro Area Ethernet private networks in real time.

Some typical screenshots of the netflow reporting platform are;