30% of organisations do not have any backup plans, only 22% backup on a daily basis, and only 37% backup at least monthly. Are you one of these?

Datec-NGN Backup-Agent online services change the paradigm in PNG for backup and disaster recovery by relocating the management, infrastructure and physical capacity for server and desktop backup to “The Cloud”.

Forget remembering to change the tape, forget testing the tape, forget worrying if the data is really on the tape, forget worrying about how long those tapes will take to restore ~ if at all.  Forget all you worries and backup to a secure, central, encrypted, high speed IBM Fiber Channel SAN.


The Datec-NGN Backup-Agent service is based on a powerful combination of client software and cloud based backup server infrastructure. The setup allows you to deploy a simple management client to each of your servers or PCs (Windows, Mac and Linux clients available) and control backup to the central storage point managed by Datec over an Internet connection or better yet an unlimited capacity Metro Area Ethernet service.

The software client is designed to be “set-and-forget”. So configure once and once initiated the backups will occur and maintain automatically while reporting progress by email.

Internet Cost Friendly

As data is typically pushed from the client side to the Datec-NGN Cloud Computing Storage repository the data is “free” of Internet plan usage fees* which meter download (from Internet to client) only.

Only in the event of backup restore (data from Datec to Client) would you incur volume charging if using a cpacity based Internet access plan.  Restore is unlimited and uncharged over Metro Ethernet Links.  For large volume restorations feel free to request Datec-NGN staff assistance to restore to a portable USB disk drive directly in our datacenter.


    • Lower cost
    • Peace of mind
    • No investment
    • Automatic Logs
    • 100% secure and exclusive
    • Wide supported for transactional databases
    • Anywhere Accessibility
    • Multiple Versioning
    • Easy Recovery


      • MS Exchange Backup = standard
      • MS SQL Backup = standard
      • MySQL Backup = standard
      • Open Files = yes
      • “Seed-Load” technology
      • “Seed-Load” restore technology
      • Web-Access = standard
Backup-Agent Client Software
The Backup-Agent Client Software is installed on the computer that contains data which needs to be protected. It is used to create, schedule and run backup tasks. The client software can also be used to restore data from the server to the computer. It can run tasks automatically without any human intervention.
Backup-Agent Server Software
The Backup-Agent Server Software is installed on the Backup Servers at Datec data center. The Server Software contains the Datec Network Operations Team Management Console which allows Datec to administer and monitor the systems but importantly not see client data. The Datec-NGN IBM Backup-Agent servers connect to an IBM Near-Line Fibre Channel Storage array for disk based backup storage.
Backup-Agent Replication Server
The replication server is an optional second line of backup by Datec to backup again daily the client backup data. This creates data loss situation which is as close to impossible as is possible.


Plan code Setup cost (NRC) Monthly Recurring Cost (MRC)
BA-ServerAgent – 1x software client K49.00 K49.00
BA-5xServerAgent – 5x software clients K199.00 K199.00
BA-50GB – 50GB Cloud Data store K199.00 K69.00
BA-100GB – 100GB Cloud Data Store K199.00 K99.00
BA-500GB – 500GB Cloud Data Store K199.00 K449.00
BA-1TB – 1TB Cloud Data Store K199.00 K749.00
BA-2TB – 2TB Cloud Data Store K199.00 K1399.00
BA-5TB – 5TB Cloud Data Store K199.00 K3249.00
BA-10TB – 10TB Cloud Data Store K199.00 K5999.00

Note: DIA or MAE service required for connectivity. Uploads from client side to cloud storage for routine backup do not incur usage fees. Downloads for restoration will incur download fees. Traffic via Metro Area Ethernet is free of usage billing in all cases at all times.

* For Datec-NGN Internet clients only