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For private domain hosting and management

Often modern dedicated private servers or virtual private servers contain such capacity that when a single or a few small lightweight applications are all that is required to run significant waste occurs. In essence the excess capacity is excessive and wasted.

Linux VZ Containers are designed to fill the gap below full operating systems with dedicated hardware resources.  VZ Containers are ideal for serving Internet domain names, web sites, email servers, light SQL Databases, spam-filters, Java Servers and all manner of other dedicated single application.

For those with deep requirements or just an active interest in raw Linux all VZ Containers have full “root” access for traditional administration.  It is possible to base a container on any flavour of Linux or BSD of your choosing but if unspecified Datec prefer CentOS6_64. For customers unfamiliar or uninterested in Linux “root” access there is an Internet services/applications control panel and an operating system administration systems included as standard.  These Panel and Webmin control systems facilitate 95% of functions any administrator of a Linu server would need.

In fact the greatest feature of the VZ Container solution on Datec-NGN is the Internet services self administration panel.  From one common panel you get point-and-click access to all your Linux server Internet services administration tasks. Create new email mailboxes, change a password, create a FTP server site, administer a web application etc are all easy matters now. No Linux knowledge required.

For deeper Linux operating system administration all VZ Containers also have Webmin (see ) also installed as standard

Typically VZ Containers are connected to the Internet to perform some function associated with one or more domains and hardware resource is shared to the platform hardware with other domains but some allocation and guarantee of memory, hard disk and Internet capacity is available.  For this reason the VZ Container service plans include memory, hard drive and unlimited Dedicated Internet Access at 512/512Kbps.

Its important to note that VZ Container plans include unlimited upload/download traffic to the public Internet at 512Kbps.  This can be increased if desired.


Plan code Unlimited Internet Bandwidth Non Recurring cost (setup) (NRC) Monthly Recurring Cost (MRC)
VZC-1-1 – 1GB-RAM/1GB-HDD Server 512/512Kbps K249.00 K49.00
VZC-1-2 – 1GB-RAM/2GB-HDD Server 512/512Kbps K249.00 K99.00
VZC-1-5 – 1GB-RAM/5GB-HDD Server 512/512Kbps K249.00 K149.00
VZC-1-10 – 1GB-RAM/10GB-HDD Server 512/512Kbps K249.00 K199.00
VZC-1-20 – 1GB-RAM/20GB-HDD Server 512/512Kbps K249.00 K249.00
For other configurations please call