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Rented Virtual Private Servers (VPSs) are the preferred computing power solution for small and medium business worldwide today.  Now this affordable, instantly scalable and completely secure and independent serving option is available in PNG.

VPSs are so incredibly popular with business because controls, administration and functionality are exactly the same as a dedicated server at a far lower price than a dedicated system due to the shared bare metal hardware.  As with Dedicated Servers VPS offerings include as standard a 26Mbps Metro Ethernet Port and a 512/512Kbps unlimited Internet access service.

With a rental there is typically zero upfront cost other than a nominal administrative service charge.
Also – as for all services on Datec-NGN, there are no minimum contract terms so rent for 3 months or 3 years.

Technically, the virtual private server is provided by technology that divides multiple physical servers up into many more “virtual” servers. Irrespective of the division of server technology, each virtual server functions as a separate unit which is isolated from the remaining systems processes, users, programmes etc. Each virtual server has its own disk space, guaranteed CPU distribution, RAM and operating system.


  • 512Kbps Unlimited Internet Access Service for Internet connectivity (upgradeable)
  • 26Mbps MAE Basic Port service for connectivity to your office (upgradeable)
  • Physical and network layer security
  • Service Level Agreement for quality assurance
  • Extensive configuration options
  • Easy to backup to Datec-NGN Backup-Agent service
  • 24x7x365 Monitoring and SMS Alerts for Datec-NGN “RRR” Guarantee customers
  • Stability, Performance, Flexibility and Configuration Control on demand; Change from 2GB to 4GB RAM on the fly, Upgrade from 100GB to 500GB Hard Disk with one simple request.


  • Root Access;You have full root/administrator access. Datec or no other persons can access your server if you so desire.
  • Management and Support; Full access to Datec Professional Services teams for maintenance contracts, administration outsourcing or bespoke assistance
  • Monitoring; Datec-NGN “RRR” Guarantee customers will receive SMS alert and full monitoring of their VPSs.
  • Connectivity via Dedicated Internet Access service, Metro Area Ethernet service or both
  • Backup-Agent supported; Backup each VPS according to you administered schedule to the centralized Datec-NGN Backup Agent Service

Five Reasons To Choose a VPS

  • One: Security
  • Two: Affordability
  • Three: Flexibility
  • Four: Backup
  • Five: No Commitments
As VPSs operate on a shared IO platform and have any option of operating system they are ideally suited for small and medium sized companies, programmers, Internet site hosting and small database and application functions where server capacity is not required to operate at a load of 100%. VPS from Datec-NGN is the most beneficial way to get high capacity servers for a reasonable price with no initial capital outlay.
VPS Connectivity
Each VPS must perform its function as defined by the end user server administrator but central to any function is connectivity to Internet users, corporate users or both. To facilitate this each VPS is established with a Public IP address for Internet and/or a suitable Private IP address from your LAN accessed by our Metro Area Ethernet service.  Specifically a MAE-26-B service and a 512/512Kbps Internet Access service is included as standard although these can be upgraded at any time. In this way maximum connectivity can be applied at speeds up to 500Mbps to your LAN and 26Mbps to the Internet.
VPS Options
Many Virtual Server options are available. Each option is priced as an “Unactivated” Windows Server 2008 or Linux machine. Buy “Unactivated” we mean that presently we do not provide rental of the Microsoft Server Licence element so you must purchase and provide the suitable Windows license activation key independent of your VPS setup with Datec-NGN.


Plan code Setup cost (NRC) Monthly Recurring Cost (MRC)
VPS-1-1-20 – 1xCore/1GB ram/20GB hdd,  DIAT1-512K/512K,  MAE-26-B K199.00 K269.00
VPS-1-1-50 – 1xCore/1GB ram/50GB hdd,  DIAT1-512K/512K,  MAE-26-B K199.00 K279.00
VPS-2-2-50 – 2xCore/2GB ram/50GB hdd,  DIAT1-512K/512K,  MAE-26-B K199.00 K289.00
VPS-2-2-100 – 2xCore/2GB ram/100GB hdd,  DIAT1-512K/512K,  MAE-26-B K199.00 K299.00
VPS-4-6-100 – 4xCore/6GB ram/100GB hdd,  DIAT1-512K/512K,  MAE-26-B K199.00 K349.00
VPS-4-6-200 – 4xCore/6GB ram/200GB hdd,  DIAT1-512K/512K,  MAE-26-B K199.00 K399.00
VPS-4-6-500 – 4xCore/6GB ram/500GB hdd,  DIAT1-512K/512K,  MAE-26-B K199.00 K499.00
VPS-4-6-1000 – 4xCore/6GB ram/1000GB hdd,  DIAT1-512K/512K,  MAE-26-B K199.00 K599.00
VPS-4-6-2000 – 4xCore/6GB ram/2000GB hdd,  DIAT1-512K/512K,  MAE-26-B K199.00 K699.00