Datec Next Generation Network is the new carrier grade multi-class, multi-service data transport platform from Datec ISP.

It is suitable for very high speed Dedicated Internet Access, Metro Area Ethernet, Cloud Computing, Disaster Recovery and many other advanced online services.

One of the most common and well understood network service solutions that everybody generally requires is Internet Access.  Datec-NGN Internet connectivity solutions are referred to as Dedicated Internet Access Services.  Delivered over the Datec-NGN CDMA-EVDO, fixed wireless, microwave or VSAT access network Datec can deliver Internet bandwidth at up to 26 Mbps full duplex.

The most common Access Network connectivity options for DIA services are AN-CDMA-EVDO, AN-NBM5 and ANRRR-NBM5 access network types.

Datec offers a full range of DIA plans to suit any network needs and budget.  Select from unlimited download plans or full speed limited download plans from K79 per month

High bandwidth, bundled data plans

Datec-NGN offers Internet access at up to 26Mbps depending on your location. 90% of connected Datec-NGN customers obtain download rates greater than 10Mbps.

For 13Mbps and 26Mbps rate plans we offer capped download plans. You may choose to pre-purchase a block of data and have your service stop at that limit (capped plans) or you can choose to have a small charge levied for any excess you may use (excess plans).

Tier 1 Internet Data
For information on Tier2 DIA 13Mbps bundles from K79 /mth

Tier 2 Internet Data
For information on Tier1 DIA 26Mbps bundles from K349 /mth

Unlimited download plans

New to PNG – Datec now offer unlimited download plans up to 10Mbps Full Duplex powered by undersea Fibre Optic cable to the rest of the world. It is no longer necessary to accept slow VSAT service if you wish to cap your monthly expense.

For unlimited download plans select the bandwidth and contention ratio to match your monthly budget and network load requirements.

10:1 Unlimited Internet
For information on Tier3 DIA 10:1 unlimited plans from K599 /mth

4:1 Unlimited Internet
For information on Tier2 DIA 4:1 unlimited plans from K1198 /mth

1:1 Unlimited Internet
For information on Tier1 DIA 1:1 unlimited plans from K7590 /mth