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Suitable for commercial, government, enterprise and NGO connectivity where high capacity and dedicated Internet addressing is needed for hosted services.

  • Tier1 traffic is carried at a higher priority than Tier2 and Tier3 traffic.
  • Tier1 DIA services have a static, permanent IPv4 and IPv6 address allocation
  • Tier1 DIA services have a static/permanent IPv4 and IPv6 address allocation
  • Tier1 DIA services have /32, /30 or /29 IPv4 allocation options
  • Tier1 DIA services have a /64 IPv6 allocation (optional)
  • Tier1 DIA services are delivered at up to 26Mbps from the Datec-NGN core
  • Tier1 DIA traffic is “VSAT Free”.  No long delay low quality VSAT routing.
  • Latency estimate = 50-100 ms RTT POM<>Sydney via subsea fiber optic cable
  • TDMA Priority and Contention = Medium / 2:1 Radio sector contention.  13Mbps CIR


Plan Setup Monthly Excess
DIAT1-4GB 26Mbps  1:1 K199.00 K349.00 K0.0990
DIAT1-10GB 26Mbps  1:1 K199.00 K799.00 K0.0990
DIAT1-20GB 26Mbps  1:1 K199.00 K1499.00 K0.0990
DIAT1-40GB 26Mbps  1:1 K199.00 K2949.00 K0.0990
DIAT1-60GB 26Mbps  1:1 K199.00 K4399.00 K0.0990
DIAT1-80GB 26Mbps  1:1 K249.00 K5749.00 K0.0990
DIAT1-100GB 26Mbps  1:1 K249.00 K7159.00 K0.0990
DIAT1-150GB 26Mbps  1:1 K249.00 K10699.00 K0.0990
DIAT1-200GB 26Mbps  1:1 K399.00 K13999.00 K0.0990
DIAT1-500GB 26Mbps  1:1 K399.00 K34999.00 K0.0990
DIAT1-1TB 26Mbps  1:1 K399.00 K65999.00 K0.0990
DIAT1-4GB-cap 26Mbps  1:1 K199.00 K349.00 capped
DIAT1-10GB-cap 26Mbps  1:1 K199.00 K799.00 capped
DIAT1-20GB-cap 26Mbps  1:1 K199.00 K1499.00 capped
DIAT1-40GB-cap 26Mbps  1:1 K199.00 K2949.00 capped
DIAT1-60GB-cap 26Mbps  1:1 K199.00 K4399.00 capped
DIAT1-80GB-cap 26Mbps  1:1 K249.00 K5749.00 capped
DIAT1-100GB-cap 26Mbps  1:1 K249.00 K7159.00 capped
DIAT1-150GB-cap 26Mbps  1:1 K249.00 K10699.00 capped
DIAT1-200GB-cap 26Mbps  1:1 K399.00 K13999.00 capped
DIAT1-500GB-cap 26Mbps  1:1 K399.00 K34999.00 capped
DIAT1-1TB-cap 26Mbps  1:1 K399.00 K65999.00 capped