“Companies and enterprises in PNG deserve Business Grade Next Generation Networks with flexible tools, features and services that can be easily customized into flat rate per month “unlimited” solutions”
  ~~ Campbell Letson – Datec-ISP

Now @ 500Mbps Full Duplex!

If you are fed up with 1980’s Leased Line technologies at Kbps speeds and irrational value propositions look no further.  Metro Ethernet is here!

Businesses today are faced with many challenges, including increasing bandwidth demands, market expansion pressures, limited IT staffs and more strained budgets. For your business to grow, employees must be able to collaborate with co-workers in other offices at LAN speeds.

Metro Ethernet services link your local and regional offices using an established, familiar technology that is being used in most existing LANs today ~ Ethernet. MAE can support high-speed data, Internet, voice over IP (VoIP), video conferencing and other applications with flexible speeds of up to 1 Gbps. Also with Metro Ethernet you may be able to take advantage of your current router interface, avoiding the need to purchase additional equipment.

So if you’re looking for a powerful corporate network from which you can securely support a host of highly-responsive ICT resources then you’ve come to the right place. Datec-NGN employs its long-standing pedigree in deploying Internet WANs to now build easy-to-manage, simple-to-scale and highly-robust corporate Ethernet wide area networks.

Metro Ethernet Services from Datec allow subscribers to network their business units and participants in ways that are either more complex or impossible with alternative solutions. By avoiding the Internet as a transport mechanism they also allow for the bypass of repressive usage based tariff mechanisms most in PNG are familiar with. In this way they are similar to Leased Lines and other IP-VPN products.
Replace your old Leased Lines and Internet VPN services with MAE capacities in up to 500Mbps!

Datec-NGN MAE solutions integrate your office locations, mobile teleworkers, residential employees, data centers and disaster recovery locations into one secure unified network. We use Ethernet to create the environment because it allows local area networks to quickly and easily integrate.

Datec-NGN MAE solutions are more advanced than IP-VPN as they can act as a Layer 2 switching environment for clients with their own routers or as a Layer 3 routed environment (for those without) in both point to multi-point (hub-spoke) or multi-point to multi-point (fully meshed) topologies.

Metro Ethernet can support any Layer3 and above protocols so IPX/SPX, DecNet, AppleTalk ATMoE are all support along with TCP/IP and UDP/IP.

Point-to-Point (Hub-Spoke), Point-to-Multipoint and Multipoint-to-Multipoint topologies are available – a big advantage over Leased Line and IP-VPN.

Basic Regional Only Ports
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Basic and Enhanced Regional Only Ports
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Basic, Enhanced and Premium Regional Only Ports
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MAE Regional Trunks
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MAE “RRR” benefits and Network Intelligence
Datec-NGN is smart…. Datec-NGN was engineered from the ground up for Business traffic… Datec is able to monitor and manage directly into customers’ buildings as well as being able to maintain strict service separation and security between all customers, all at wire speeds. Datec extend this capability to all “RRR” Guaranteed connected Metro Area Ethernet services allowing IT administrators to peer into the pipes in real time, ask questions and get real answers. “How much email traversed between remote office A and my head office between 9:35 am and 11:52 pm yesterday?” = answered “Did my users download illegal movies last week?” = answered “Was my link to our Lae office online for 24x7 last month?” = answered These and any number of other questions can be answered through the Datec-NGN intelligent NetFlow reporting portal available on demand
MAE Cost Effectiveness
Ethernet wide area services can reduce capital and operating expense in four ways; First, due to its broad usage in almost all LAN networking the Ethernet interface itself is inexpensive compared to traditional Leased Line, PDH and Sonnet hardware. Second, the monthly outgoing cost for wide area connectivity is lower from MAE service providers such as Datec compared to PDH/SDH Telco operators as the providers themselves pass on capital and cost savings. Third, bandwidth is available in 1Mbps incremental steps so the need to purchase large leaps in capacity (which is wasteful) is removed. And finally staff employment cost to operate is lower as little highly specialized knowledge is needed.
Optimize for application performance
Applications such as video conferencing and VoIP have specific jitter and latency requirements. Metro Ethernet services from Datec-NGN offer different grades of traffic prioritization allowing you to choose the service that best meets your application performance needs. Metro Ethernet services can also scale quickly and easily, allowing you to expand your network as your applications require more bandwidth.
Cloud Services and MAE
Connectivity to a secure private Metro Ethernet service not only allows you to cross connect your regional offices and teleworkers but also allows you to connect to various Datec-NGN Cloud Computing services such as Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Private Servers, Centralised Remote Backup, Software-As-A-Service and Virtual Desktops.
MAE Port Options
Once a suitable access network option is selected and installed Datec-NGN can deliver a range of different MAE port speeds.