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If you require two classes of service with one traffic type holing precedence then choose a Basic and Enhanced port and transport your 802.11q tagged VLANs across the WAN.

BE ports carry traffic with priority Tier0 (Basic) and Tier-1 (Enhanced) across Datec-NGN core.

Basic/Enhanced Ports are great for:

  • Voice
  • Remote Desktop
  • ERP
  • Transactional SQL
  • File and Print traffic
  • Email and Intranet


Plan code Setup cost (NRC) Monthly Recurring Cost (MRC)
MAE-6-BE – 6Mbps Basic Tier-1 port K699.00 K312.00
MAE-13-BE – 13Mbps Basic Tier-1 port K699.00 K374.00
MAE-26-BE – 26Mbps Basic Tier-1 port K699.00 K624.00
MAE-52-BE – 52Mbps Basic Tier-1 port K699.00 K1249.00
MAE-100-BE – 100Mbps Basic Tier-1 port K2999.00 K1749.00
MAE-150-BE – 150Mbps Basic Tier-1 port K3999.00 K2499.00
MAE-300-BE – 300Mbps Basic Tier-1 port K4999.00 K8749.00
MAE-500-BE – 500Mbps Basic Tier-1 port K5999.00 K12499.00

Note: NO per MB monthly excess charges. Unlimited data volume