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Basic ports allow for only one class of traffic transported across the Datec-NGN core with Tier 0 priority.

Traffic of this type have higher precedence than all Internet traffic streams but lower priority than the other MAE MPLS classes.

Choose “Basic” ports if you do not segment traffic on your LAN into different VLANs to accommodate Voice, Video or other specified traffic types. Choose “Basic” only ports if jitter and latency requirements are not critical and data is not time sensitive.

Connectivity between regions is priced as separate “trunk” services to allow for maximum flexibility in cost. This allows for example for pricing of services between office in Lae to not need to include cost to cross to Port Moresby. Additionally it allows for maximum speeds within Lae. Similarly for Moresby, MtHagen etc.

Basic Ports are great for:

  • File and Print traffic
  • Email and Intranet
  • Non time sensitive applications


Plan code Setup cost (NRC) Monthly Recurring Cost (MRC)
MAE-1-B – 1Mbps Basic Tier0 port K499.00 K149.00
MAE-2-B – 2Mbps Basic Tier0 port K499.00 K169.00
MAE-4-B – 4Mbps Basic Tier0 port K499.00 K199.00
MAE-6-B – 6Mbps Basic Tier0 port K499.00 K249.00
MAE-13-B – 13Mbps Basic Tier0 port K499.00 K299.00
MAE-26-B – 26Mbps Basic Tier0 port K499.00 K499.00
MAE-52-B – 52Mbps Basic Tier0 port K499.00 K999.00
MAE-100-B – 100Mbps Basic Tier0 port K2999.00 K1399.00
MAE-200-B – 150Mbps Basic Tier0 port K3999.00 K1999.00
MAE-300-B – 300Mbps Basic Tier0 port K4999.00 K6999.00
MAE-500-B – 500Mbps Basic Tier0 port K5999.00 K9999.00

Note: No per MB monthly excess charges. Unlimited data volume