For remote devices which are unmonitored and unmanaged by a Datec-NGN “RRR” setup on-site field warranty is performed free of charge for 24 months from date of purchase. In the event of equipment failure not covered by a remote Service Management Fee (SMF) the end customer must inform Datec support of the equipment or service failure. A Device Warranty Fee (DWF) is charged to cover the on-site service which is made available. When a DWF 24x month period ends the equipment will continue to function but no longer be covered by manufacturers hardware warranty od Datec_NGN onsite service. In the event of failure after 24x months it is typical to purchase a new installation Access Network as the cost for new typically is less than the cost to repair the old.

For Access Network Connections and services over “RRR” guaranteed links a Service (or Device) Management Fee is levied as a monthly recurring cost (MRC). This MRC is K200.00 per month per site for standard business hour support or K800.00 per month for 24x7x365 direct to NOC support.

Service links on a SWF-24×365 receive the highest level of support and proactive computerised alerts via SMS to NOC phone staff 24 hours per day 365 days per year.

Product Code & Description Monthly Recurring Cost (MRC)
DWF-24mth – Datec-NGN Device Warranty Fee, onsite warranty replacement fee for 24 month hardware life K2.00
SMF-8×6 – Datec-NGN Service (or Device) Management Fee – 8hour per day standard business calendar days remote alerts/management/support K200.00
SMF-24×365 – Datec-NGN Service (or Device) Management Fee – 24hour per day 365 days per year remote alerts/management/support K800.00