For all sales or support queries please contact us.

Solution Name Position, Company
DIA, MAE, DCS & DRS General Support gp.te1513373002n.cet1513373002ad@tr1513373002oppus1513373002
Ph. 303 1222
DIA, MAE, DCS & DRS General Sales Enquiries gp.te1513373002n.cet1513373002ad@se1513373002lasps1513373002i1513373002
Ph. 303 1222
Multi-Site, Multi-Service sales Korukonda Raghupathi Datec ISP Sales Manager
ph. 303 1222
Service delivery scheduling Helen Tau Datec ISP Service Delivery Manager
Ph. 303 1222
Lae Service delivery scheduling Nora Sessoring Datec ISP Lae Service Delivery Manager
Ph. 303 1222
Customer Services and upgrades Vincent Mase Datec ISP Customer Services Manager
Ph. 303 1222
Exec-Team enquiries and team escalations Annuncia Kokiai Datec ISP Operations Manager
Ph. 303 1222
Exec-Team enquiries Campbell Letson Datec ISP, VAS & Regulatory Director
Ph. 303 1222